GPBL collaboration

For OPM3 Consulting services, 12PM consulting is collaborating with GPBL from Ontario, Canada.

GPBL Profile

GPBL was ounded in 1996 by Benoît Lalonde (LiknedIn profile), GPBL is a business that sets itself apart in three distinct areas: consulting, training and HR project management placement.


Because we are aware of the modern innovative environment in which projects evolve, GPBL has developed a range of products and services that are simple and easy to adapt to clients' environments and needs, regardless of their sector of activity.
Project management is defined by a systematic approach that allows organizations to optimize the productivity of their human, financial and material resources in a complex context.
For GPBL, it is essential for project managers to have access to project management methods and processes to be able to effectively meet different and increasingly difficult challenges.  The era when a project manager's functions were instinctive is now past.

Full profile of GPBL is here...